Meditation & Relaxation

“Through meditation your mind comes to rest, the carousel of thoughts comes to a halt. You shift your attention from the head to the heart and go in search of yourself. And at the end of this search you will
that you have always been there. That’s meditation: finding your way back to your true, innermost nature.”

For thousands of years, people from different cultures have known about the effects of meditation on mental and physical well-being. Today, the ancient healing knowledge is more important than ever and serves both as an extremely effective relaxation method, as well as a mental training with impressive effect. The main task of meditation is to learn to control the mind or our “monkey mind”.
to learn to control it. As long as the mind is in control of you, your life is mechanical and you are bound to unconscious doubts and fears over which you have no control. You are trapped in a world where you are only half alive – you are not in control of the wheel of your car. Noticing and dissolving the identification with our thoughts, feelings and body is the goal to ultimately come back to your true self, your soul. To achieve this, you don’t have to strive for renunciation, travel to another country, or seek refuge in a forest or cave; for the spirit of man is right where you are, and there you can master it.

Mental and physical health are closely linked. Mental suffering can cause diseases to manifest in the body, and physical illnesses often have a psychological component as well. Meditation has a noticeable effect on the psyche after just a few hours – less susceptibility to stress and a feeling of inner peace and balance. This in turn has an effect on physical aspects such as blood pressure, immune system or cholesterol levels. Impressively, the first changes in the brain are measurable after just 25 hours of meditation.

Here are just a few of the effects that can come into play through meditation:
Would you also like to experience the positive effects of meditation?

In the meditation and relaxation courses I offer, the focus is on mindfulness. Step by step I guide you to

  • To feel into the body and to strengthen the connection with your body.
  • To consciously direct your attention to a deep and calm breath
  • To observe, accept and let go of your feelings
  • To stop the carousel of thoughts and let them move on without pressure or judgement.
  • To move on
  • Not to let the past and the future take up so much space
  • To be completely present in the here and now
Strengthen the connection with yourself, let go of limiting fears and doubts and bring happiness and contentment into all areas of your life!

You can either take the course online (live via Zoom or with the help of using recordings) or come to my studio in person.

To really experience the practice of meditation, it is important to engage with it outside of the course. I am happy to accompany and support you during this time with your questions and provide you with material to practice.