CTW Hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

The method of hypnosis is far from what some may know from the TV shows – the hypnosis used there is highly manipulative and encroaching.

CTW (Cybernetic Trance Works), however, focuses entirely on the client’s self-efficacy and autonomy.

 It is a talk therapy that falls into the category of short-term therapies.

 This method does not involve any extraordinary state of the brain, but simply inwardly directed attention – much like a daydream.

In this deeply relaxed state, it is possible for the brain to relearn perception and behavior. Hypnotherapy is therefore nothing other than the so-called “mental training”, which is especially popular with athletes.

How does the therapy work?

First of all, it is important to know that the basis of a successful therapy is the cooperation between therapist and client.

The therapist cannot achieve anything for the client if the client does not actively cooperate. This is because the appropriate solution cannot come from outside, it lies within the client. The therapist is therefore only a companion and supporter of the process.

Basically one can say that CTW is very close to meditation.

 One goes inward with all senses, consciously feels into the body and observes all sensations and feelings that are there. Hypnotherapy, however, goes one step further: by consciously going into these sensations and perceptions, they can be consciously changed.

"The skill to develop is self-efficacy. As long as we see ourselves as victims of circumstances, we suffer.

As long as we have the feeling that things are brought to us from the outside and we can do nothing about it, we feel powerless.

The moment we actively take responsibility for our lives, we are free."

What can be treated with hypnotherapy?

We basically assume a neuroplasticity of the brain, i.e. that the brain is able to restructure itself by its own power, to change old things and to learn new things. In addition, there are the enormous self-healing powers of our organism.

However, the prerequisite for every request is active cooperation and the will of the client to give up the attitude of a victim and to actively take responsibility for his life.

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Here are some example fields:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Weight reduction
  • Addictions (smoking, alcohol)
  • Exam anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Trauma
  • Physical ailments/pain
  • hopelessness/ rediscovery
  • Dream work

and much more…

If you do not find your concern, feel free to contact me and we will talk about it.

Hypnosis is basically possible and useful at any stage of life. However, I perform treatments only from the age of 10 years.